Simple, fixed-cost pricing model

Advanced analysis with unlimited access and no extra data charges.
Designed for enterprises, agencies, and research companies.

Unlimited Access


  • Unlimited searches, access to data, and reports
  • Instant access to historical data through 2007
  • Complimentary custom audience segments
  • Real-time dashboards and API access
  • One user account included
  • Proven, industry-leading sentiment analysis
  • Automatic theme and emotion detection
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 30-60-90 day training and onboarding program
  • Broadly sourced dataset with robust spam filtering
  • Data coverage of 200+ countries / territories
  • Data collection comprised of 78 languages
  • 40mb monthly access to text-analytics API
*Infegy Atlas is billed on an annual basis; alternate terms affect pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sources do you collect?
Broad collection of 300+ million sources including Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, forums, news sites, review sites as well as others.

How far back does the data go?
Users have instant access to data going all the way back through 2007

What languages are available?
78 languages are collected. Full sentiment analysis is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French.

How can we access the data / analysis?
Access to the data and analysis is available through a web-based visual platform and an API.

How much does support cost?
Nothing! A dedicated account manager and free customer support is available with every account.

Do you provide professional services?
No. Our goal is to make software so intuitive that you don’t need to hire someone to make sense of the analysis.

Can I export the data and visuals?
Yes. You can directly export SVGs, JPGs, and PDFs of the visuals, and export raw analysis to XLS, JSON, and XML.

What are the ideal use cases?
For a list of the best use cases and examples please go here: Social Listening Use Cases

Who does your software help?
Infegy’s software is best suited for medium-to-large ad agencies, market research companies, and major brands. For more information, check out: Who Infegy Helps

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