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Learn how to leverage social media intelligence for powerful results

Market Research

From informing survey questions, rapidly uncovering consumer insights, and augmenting focus groups, innovative and forward thinking market researchers are making social media research an integral part of their process.

automotive recall analysis icon

The Impact of Automotive Recalls on Consumer Opinion

A collaboration between Infegy and Phoenix Marketing International, this report combines traditional survey based research and social media analysis to uncover the systemic impacts to impression and purchase consideration for automotive brands that issue widespread recalls.

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Campaign Measurement

Track earned mentions about marketing campaigns from across the social web and measure the impact, reception, emotions, and themes the campaign generated. Go even further by understanding the reactions and participation of different demographics and psychographics.

Taco Bell Breakfast

Taco Bell Wages War on Breakfast, Takes no Prisoners

With Taco Bell’s bold move into the fast food breakfast category, this report uncovers the audiences the brand activated, the performances of related marketing campaigns, and how the breakfast menu was received after launch.

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Purchase Intent / Acquisition Measurement

Track purchase indicators to better understand conversion of advertising campaigns, predict future sales, and receive up-to-date acquisition statistics.

PS4 vs Xbox One

Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One: The Battle for Market Superiority

Three weeks after this report predicted a 39% sales margin advantage for the PS4 based on Infegy Atlas’ data and analytics, official numbers were released indicating a margin of 40%, one point higher than the projection.

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New Business Pitches

Better inform your pitch work by quickly uncovering the current opportunities and threats affecting your prospective clients.

Jaguar Dealership

How Insights From Social Media Helped Win Jaguar’s Business

In an RFP for the global account, Jaguar asked agencies to address declining visits to their dealerships for maintenance and service.

The agency that was awarded the account leveraged Infegy Atlas to compare buyers from around the world in order to gain unique insights about their key motivations for choosing between dealership service and independent mechanics.

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Audience Segment Analysis

Ever wondered how a specific audience feels about your brand or product lines? Perhaps you’ve wanted to perform AB (CDEF…) analysis across multiple segments? Infegy’s solutions provide the ability to create custom focus group-like targeted filtering to tap into exactly the right audience.

Subway Sandwiches

Subway: Pinpointing and Analyzing the Perceptions of Core Consumers

This report analyzes conversations around Subway and its competitors to better understand the unique advantages available in the marketplace for brand management and strategic messaging.

Additionally, the research details how perceptions of the Subway brand differ between people who are very passionate about healthy food options versus the general population.

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Trend Analysis

Whether you’re looking for up-to-the-minute changes or trend analysis as far back as 2007, Infegy’s flexible solutions give you the power to do in-depth research. Our proprietary technology makes it possible to understand not just changes in volume, but changes in passion and sentiment as well.

Lexus December to Remember

Lexus: Increasing Positive Public Perception Through Trend Analysis

In the wake of being overtaken by BMW as the top selling luxury automobile manufacturer in the US in 2011, Lexus began evaluating their next move for reclaiming their long-held number one position, starting with a reboot of their popular December to Remember sales campaign.

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Product Launches

Utilize consumer insight to build winning communication strategies and monitor online conversation before, during, and after your product launch to measure impact.

iphone launch coverage photo

Measuring Consumer Reactions to Apple’s iPhone 6, Apple Watch, and Apple Pay Event

An in-depth product launch analysis of consumer reactions to Apple’s announcement of the sixth generation iPhones, new iWatch, mobile payments, new software, and more.

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Category Analysis

Derive insight into the broad themes, topics, and perceptions for a specific category or industry.

Stoli Vodka Neon Sign

Shaken, Stirred, or Straight Up? A Category Analysis of Vodka

This report analyzes the vodka category within the spirit industry over a period of six months. The analysis is focused on five specific vodka brands: Absolut, Smirnoff, Grey Goose, Stolichnaya (or Stoli as it is commonly known), and Russian Standard.

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Competitive Intelligence

Side-by-side comparison of consumer awareness, perception, sentiment, and passion across multiple brands and product lines.

Coca Cola Boxes

Coca-Cola vs Pepsi, Competitve Analysis

This brand analysis pits Coca-Cola against Pepsi to examine preferences for each brand, net favorability, levels of emotional attachment, expressed purchase indicators, and compares the strengths and weaknesses of brand extensions.

The report concludes with a comparison of acquisition data from previous years, an analysis of sweeteners, and strategic recommendations.

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Brand Reputation

Understand your brand health in real-time and monitor the share-of-voice within the global sphere of conversation.

Kelloggs Special K

Kellogg’s: Analyzing the Special K Brand

This report analyzes conversations around Special K and its competitors to better understand the unique advantages available in the marketplace for brand management and strategic messaging. Additionally, the report details how the Special K brand differs between people who are very passionate about healthy food options versus the general population.

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PR Risks / Opportunities

Side-by-side comparison of consumer awareness, perception, sentiment and passion across multiple brands and product lines.

Old Spice, PG Report

A Tale of Two Moms, a PR Analysis of Mom-Centric Old Spice and P&G Commercials

An analysis of two CPG commercials with very different audience reactions. This report examines the wave consumer responses to viral ads by Old Spice and P&G.

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